Talking Points: Not a good opportunity



What’s the buzz from the world of sports? Here are some items that will have people talking:


For some reason, people were up in arms because a woman tried out and failed miserably as a kicker at an NFL combine-like event. It looked as if she had never kicked a football before the try-out.

Some on the radio were mad because it was clearly just a publicity stunt. Then they spent parts of two hours talking about it. Guess the joke was on them.

Then an ESPN Talking Head claimed that, short-term, this will hurt legitimate women athletes who want a shot at kicking in the NFL. The opinion was this was such a disaster, no team will give a tryout to another woman any time near.

That’s just dumb.

If there is a woman out there who can kick 55-yard field goals, can make 80 to 85 percent of her field goals from any distance, against a rush, and can consistently get kick-offs into the end zone, trust me, she will get a try-out tomorrow.

If you are mad at anyone, be mad at whoever allowed an inadequate player — man or woman — to try out in the first place.


Guess the Angels don’t really like Mike Trout.

After having one of the greatest seasons in the baseball history, the Angels gave him a raise. Of about $20,000.

The Angels are within their rights. Young players have very few, if any, options when it comes to contracts. But the Angels could have doubled his 2012 salary, leaving Trout still underpaid, at less than a million a year.

If they had done that, they could have shown Trout that they valued what he did last year.

Instead, Trout got $20,000 more than the league minimum.

Trout is years away from becoming a free agent, but we hope he remembers this when he does have options.


Those of us who appreciate the NRA can still be miffed at what the NRA is up to in the sporting world. Reports say the NRA will sponsor NASCAR’s race in Texas in April.

C’mon, NRA. Don’t you know this is too easy for those who oppose you? Race cars. NASCAR. Texas. And the NRA?

The NRA would be better off sponsoring a golf tournament in California or a dog show in New York. Now, when people wonder why the NRA is sponsoring a sport, there are just too many easy jokes.

Fast cars. Sponsored by beer. Texas. And guns. Git ‘er done.

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