Letter: Union busting is real motive



With the recent announcement by the Postmaster General concerning ending Saturday delivery, many pundits and news organizations have chimed in with their opinions. Most cite the increase of Internet use as the main reason behind the agency's continual loss of revenue. I will agree, most of us do not use the post office like we did in the past. However, there is one key component left out of this discussion. Republicans in Congress have demanded that the U.S. Postal Service fund its pension plan for 75 years into the future. Why, you might ask?

The National Association of Letter Carriers is one of the biggest unions and the Republicans cannot stand for this — being that the NALC normally contributes to Democrats. Political action committees for the seven postal unions contributed $9.6 million from 2007 to 2012 to current members of Congress, 91 percent of it to Democrats and two independents who caucus with them, according to data compiled by Bloomberg from the Federal Election Commission and the Center for Responsive Politics.

So what is the real reason that my postal carrier will now get weekends off?

Scott White