Letter: Follow orderly process of governing



As I understand our state constitution, taxation is covered in its articles and it takes a two-thirds majority of the Legislature to amend it. In its March 1 editorial, "Time to rescue supermajority," The Columbian may disagree with the Washington Supreme Court's decision to throw out the supermajority initiatives passed by the people, but wisely doesn't advocate replacing those provisions with ballot initiatives.

Then there's Rep. Liz Pike, R-Camas, the same legislator who wants to legislate gun fights in kindergarten classrooms between amateur Rambos and deranged killers. She wants the voice of the people to trump the state Supreme Court in deciding constitutional issues. Then why have a Supreme Court? For that matter, why have a Constitution? Let the people vote on taxation, education, and the rights of minorities. Majority rule. Once we no longer have the rule of law, we can all gather where the sidewalk ends and let the majority (usually religious) decide all issues.

The Founders guarded us from that slippery slope by drafting and passing a Constitution that describes state government, its shape and function. And in case our Constitution becomes outmoded, it provides for an orderly amendment process. We can stick to that or we can replace it with the squawking of politicians. I vote for the Constitution.

Joel Littauer