Letter: Background checks is one step



In a Feb. 21 letter, “Background checks are no solution,” Jaylen Petersen is correct that “background checks alone are not going to ensure that criminals don’t get guns,” but mistaken to believe they are intended to “take away our constitutional rights.”

There is no single solution to this issue. At the very least, gun owners also need to be held legally responsible for all criminal actions their guns are used for, even if stolen; sales of high-power military-style weapons to average citizens must be stopped; and we must put more focus on mental health care for our people and prevention strategies.

There are many steps we must take, but thorough background checks are definitely an important one of those steps.

Your right to bear arms as part of a well-regulated militia will not be infringed by this. If you are able-bodied, join the National Guard, quit griping, and let us work together to resolve gun violence in America.

We have 89 guns per 100 people. We must be willing to change.

Roy G. Wilson