Letter: Mayor’s tactics are embarrassing



“You should know that I will go toe-to-toe with anybody that challenges the values of, and disparages the importance of, reasoned decisions being made today for our future. I will not be bullied.” After this recent quote from Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt, I thought the next campaign had already started and I had missed the opening bell. Leavitt flew out of his corner, threw a sucker punch, pulled his trunks up over his head and demanded no hitting below the belt.

So asking Leavitt to explain himself equals “bullying”? Granted, it’s hard defending the fact that he promised one thing regarding the Columbia River Crossing while running and did the exact opposite once elected. I guess playing offense is easier than trying to defend that. Also, it’s ironic that the guy who whines about bullying brings in Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., to hammer his political adversaries.

Three suggestions, Mr. Mayor. If you think you’ve done a good job, you don’t need to play the cheap semantic trick of equating clarification with bullying. If you want to sell the CRC as fiscally sound, don’t use a senator who hasn’t passed a balanced budget in over four years. Also, you should stop whining. It’s embarrassing. And it’s getting old.

Patrick Flynn