Letter: Require proficiency in English



I am a concerned young citizen. My question is with so many immigrants coming to America, legally and illegally, who cannot speak English. I cannot count the number of times I have gone to a fast-food restaurant and could barely understand the person taking my order, and they seemed to hardly understand me. In the past, my parents have tried to ask for directions and have not been able to communicate with the person they asked, because that individual didn’t speak or understand English. I think it is time for this to end.

My solution to these situations is that people being allowed to live in our country should have to learn proper English as part of their citizenship test and have to pass it. Another way to end future communication problems is to tighten our border security and allow police to profile. Under our country’s current administration, police officers are not allowed to ask for proof of citizenship, which greatly inhibits their ability to catch illegal immigrants.

I feel that this is a growing problem here in the Northwest and needs to be addressed.

Conner Loewen

La Center