Letter: Legislators full of bad ideas



The Washington state legislators have discriminated against citizens, failed to protect public health and failed to recognize area needs when endorsing projects.

A few years ago, by vote, legislators passed a ruling to allow same-sex couples to have all benefits but marriage. That discriminated against unmarried couples (male and female) living together.

Legislators approved the use of marijuana, but failed to provide, by law, protection to non-users. Medical marijuana users should be required to confine their smoking to designated areas away from family, workers, auto and equipment operators, public places, sporting events, etc. This use is considerably different than drinking alcohol, when only the consumer is affected. Non-users inhaling this smoke will become affected, will test positive when employers require urine tests. Children and others can become addicted. To say otherwise is untruthful.

Urging replacement of the Interstate 5 Bridge will damage industries and workers. Relocating industries will cost taxpayers millions.

On Jan. 13, at 10:17 a.m., I traveled on I-5 for a doctor appointment in Oregon. Traffic was moving at 50 mph on the bridge. At Delta Park, all southbound lanes were stop-and-go, with speeds around 5 to 10 mph to the Rose Quarter. Yes, a third bridge is needed.

Frank Funk