Letter: Stop complaining about high taxes



After reading the March 1 editorial, “Time to rescue supermajority,” — advocating a two-thirds legislative majority to approve any state tax increases — I suggest that maybe we can move toward getting the state to provide roads, bridges, schools, and other state services for free.

Get real. We don’t have a state income tax. We hop across the river to avoid paying sales tax. Because the main state revenue source is the sales tax, the most fortunate of us pay the same state tax rate as the least fortunate of us.

We have some very well-off county residents who oppose a new I-5 bridge because they don’t want to pay bridge tolls.

Maybe we ought to stop complaining about being overtaxed and be grateful to be living in Clark County and Washington state. If we were to move across the river, we would be paying the Oregon income tax. If we moved across Washington’s northern border, we would be paying hefty Canadian taxes.

Oh well, there’s always Idaho.

Alan Rossi