Outdoors blog: Spring chinook fishing remains slow

By Al Thomas, Columbian Outdoors Reporter



Here’s the lastest on spring chinook fishing in the lower Columbia River:

Sport catch — Washington sampled 1,113 anglers (422 boats) last week with a catch of 38 spring chinook and five steelhead. Seventy-nine percent of the chinook were fin-clipped, all were caught from boats and 77 percent were from upstream of Bonneville Dam. That’s a fish per 29 trips, so not so good.

Test fishing — Ten drifts were made on Sunday. One chinook, a lower river hatchery fish, was caught near Astoria along with three hatchery steelhead and one steelhead of unknown origin.

Bonneville count — Three more adult spring chinook were counted on Saturday, bringing the total to 23. A jack chinook also was counted on Saturday.