Letter: Lawmakers reminded of oath



As citizens, we have been suffering through rantings and ravings and threats from our elected officials regarding all of the crises that will befall us if we do not agree to, once again, the raising of taxes. As citizens, we are compelled by law and statute (city, county, state and federal) to pay taxes on, well, everything … daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. If we do not do this properly we are penalized by loss of property, income and/or freedom. These are the rules by which we live daily.

The elected officials who bring us all of this happiness are compelled by their described duties and oath of office to be the best managers and stewards possible of the various treasuries. They are elevated to these positions of power and influence to act in the best interest of "we the people." This they are not doing. They do not care that they are derelict in their duties, and they live above the law. I am wondering when "we the people" are going to "just say no" to all of this foolishness?

Jock Demme