Letter: Madore’s claim refuted



County Commissioner David Madore claimed the “Vancouver parks director is paid more than our top county administrator” in his March 10 Local View column, “Ignore rumors; parks are priority for county.” That is not true. I really wish he would do his homework before attacking Vancouver.

As a member of the Vancouver City Council, I’d like to offer some facts.

First, the Vancouver-Clark Parks and Recreation director is jointly appointed by both Vancouver and Clark County — not just Vancouver’s parks director as Madore implied.

Second, the parks director is paid a quarter less than the county administrator — not more.

The parks director’s salary was $131,304 before he left last year. The current interim director’s salary is $125,952.

The county administrator’s salary was $171,074 in 2011, without considering any increases in 2012 or this year.

Telling whoppers like this in order to make a point is wrong and it makes people distrust government even more than they do already. Let’s work on building trust, not hurting it.

Jack Burkman