Letter: Consumers want information



The food corporations are afraid to tell you how your food is grown and processed, afraid you won’t buy it if you know. Initiative 522 requires genetically engineered food (also known as GMOs, genetically modified organisms) to be labeled in Washington state.

Though genetically engineered food has not been proven harmful, neither has it been proven safe. Patent laws have been used to prevent definitive testing, or to publish the testing done by the corporations. Personally, I want my corn and soy and sugar beets, etc., to contain the genetic material God put in them, not the material from some virus or other organism.

You can read Initiative 522 at: Label GMO Foods. Of course, you can search GMO or genetically engineered food online as well.

The industry spent $45 million in California in order to confuse the public enough for its proposed labeling law to be defeated by 3 percent.

Know the truth before you vote.

Sandra Cole