Letter: Make Facebook about users



In response to the story, “Facebook gives News Feed a more personal touch,” published in The Columbian on March 8, I would have to say Facebook’s attempt to satisfy users might actually be dissatisfying them. Apparently, users will be able to sort their own photos and material into personalized sections along their news feed here shortly. Although I feel as if this is an improvement to the website, I do not believe this is the solution.

Facebook’s new social media site that it just purchased last summer, Instagram, seems to have tailored the site to the constantly changing user needs even better. I once was a religious Facebook user myself, but a few months ago I deleted my account due to inactivity. That inactivity didn’t necessarily mean that I withdrew myself from the social media world, instead it was more so a transition into, believe it or not, Instagram.

We as users don’t want to see these ignorant ads cluttering our page. After all, these social media pages are supposed to be about us and not the ad, which is what Facebook seems to not understand.

Technology nowadays advances faster than you’d like. Trying to pass air into lungs that don’t exist isn’t going to be exactly easy, nor successful, for that matter.

Dado Vucak