Letter: Why oppose study of coal trains?



In response to Jodi Guetzloe Parker's March 2 letter, "Cleaner coal means good jobs," I don't believe that our Oregon and Washington governors and city governments can be classified as "fringe" groups. They have all asked for a comprehensive environmental impact statement. Why is big coal so afraid of this study? What are they hiding?

We, who are part of the pass-through as coal trains travel through our region, have no financial benefits. We have a right to know how much this will cost us in lost jobs, devalued property, health issues and the impact to our endangered species and rivers and streams. Why is this being fought so hard and with untruths told by the coal and railroad industry?

Heavy Traffic Ahead is a reliable report of the coal impacts and should be read by all those people wanting correct information.

Derailments due to coal are a huge problem. Technologies have not eliminated coal dust as seen in reports from BNSF Railway.

We the people should not be duped by big money and big coal. We deserve this study. If there are no significant impacts, then the permitting will commence. I ask again, what is the coal industry afraid of?

Toni Montgomery