Letter: Another chance to help schools



The February Battle Ground Public Schools levy failed, while the remaining 49 out of 50 school levies across the state passed.

Battle Ground’s failure is difficult to understand in view of the following:

1) Battle Ground expenditures per pupil for the 2010/2011 school year were $8,827, or 9 percent less than the state average of $9,696.

2) Battle Ground’s levy, if a new one passes in April, equates to $1,945 per student, one of the lowest requests compared to other area schools’ levies.

3) Battle Ground covers by far one of the largest geographical areas in the county, requiring more transportation dollars per student.

4) Battle Ground provides hundreds, if not thousands, of free or low-cost meals every day to children from low-income homes.

Voters in the Battle Ground school district area should be ashamed of the failure for the Feb. 12 vote. We can only hope that more voters interested in the reputation of the area and the education of the Battle Ground’s children submit their votes for the special election prior to or on April 23.

Michael D. Moore

Battle Ground