Talking Points: Not so fast Sonics



What’s the buzz from the world of sports? Here are some items that will have people talking:

Putting the horse before the carriage, eh, Seattle fans?

Recent comments made by NBA commissioner David Stern have made hopeful fans in the Emerald City think a new team is all but a done deal, but now things have taken a more pronounced direction with, the website that offers a “Priority Ticket Waitlist.”

The site, invented by the ownership group that is trying to relocate the Sacramento Kings to Seattle, temporarily crashed on Thursday morning due to heavy traffic. To get on the waitlist, fans had to fill out a questionnaire and survey, then expect to be contacted later.

“I would just like to start off by both thanking all of you for the overwhelming response, and apologizing for the site going down this morning,” read a statement by Chris Hansen, who heads the potential ownership group. “While we thought we had planned our peak capacity for even the most optimistic of sign up assumptions, you clearly overwhelmed those!”

“While the first day clearly blew away our expectations, we would just like to continue to encourage those of you who have not signed up to do so, and for everyone to continue to forward the request link to your friends, family, and co-workers you think are interested. Our current plan is to keep the priority list open through April 1, after which we will announce the results.”

Lost in all this excitement is the fact that nothing has been declared on the relocation front. Although Stern has recently spoke to reporters about a counter bid to keep the Kings in Seattle, and thus gave encouragement to Seattle fans.

“The counter bid has got very strong financial people behind it, but it is not quite there in comparison to the Seattle bid,” Stern said. “There is a substantial variance.”


The Detroit Pistons are in town to play the Trail Blazers without the services of the young player who tried to stop DeAndre Jordan’s dunk last Sunday and turned into the butt of jokes because of it.

But if Brandon Knight wants to relive his infamous moment, he can now buy a dunk face T-shirt by Under Armour.

The viral clip and potential dunk-of-the-year moment has now spawned fashion — a shirt featuring a caricature of Jordan reacting to his forceful field goal against Knight.

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