Anarchists’ Seattle protest of police brutality is peaceful



A group of self-proclaimed anarchists staged a noisy but otherwise orderly protest Friday against police brutality, marching from Seattle’s Cal Anderson Park through downtown and back up to Capitol Hill.

With dozens of police riding bicycles alongside or trailing behind in cruisers and vans, the 30 or so protesters walked and rode bikes. Wearing scarves, masks and paint on their faces, they chanted against police.

Although the group walked in the streets and disrupted traffic at times, police did not move in on them.

A similar gathering at City Hall Park drew an estimated three dozen protesters to what organizers called the “March 15th International Day Against Police Brutality.”

There were no arrests, according to Seattle Police Department spokesman Jeff Kappel.

One protester, who asked not to be named, said the police “treat us like terrorists, and we’re not.” She also said that she doesn’t believe she should have to obey laws.

The demonstrators did, however, move politely and quickly out of the way for an ambulance with its siren blaring.