Letter: Prevention would be best solution



The day before the terrible stabbing attack at the Starbucks drive-thru in Cascade Park, I was at the same location with friends. It chilled me greatly to realize that the stabbing could have easily happened while I was there. No one is safe anywhere. I think at this point everyone lives somewhere close to where a random violent attack has happened. Look at our own backyard with the shooting at the shopping mall in Clackamas.

The real tragedy is that this event, as well as many other events, could be prevented. But in our country there is very little help for the mentally ill. Insurance has become so expensive, mental health care so exorbitant, that mentally ill people cannot get help. Most mentally ill have no jobs, no family, no friends, for it takes being healthy to be able to have these things.

I’ve researched to see what services there are for the uninsured, and despite all the well-meaning programs, there is just not enough. For example, the waiting list at the free Wellness Center is over three months.

And then you only have a one-hour time block every month to sign up to get on the wait list.

Our country should be ashamed.

Cris Zadrozny