Letter: Ease of light rail adds freedom



I see light rail from a personal health, financial, and environmental prospective. I am 65 and for the first time rode Max from Delta Park to Pioneer Square. The experience was wonderful.

I didn’t have to drive far in the heavy rain. I didn’t add to traffic congestion. I didn’t pollute the air. I didn’t have to buy additional gas or pay for parking, (round-trip senior/disability fare is only $1-$2). I had time to read the morning newspaper. While in PDX I got in my 30-45 minute walk. I was exposed to the wonderful diversity of people and I had a chance to use my brain while attending press screenings at the PDX International Film Festival. What more could a “baby boomer” ask for an a cold, rainy day?

We also must keep in mind that all adults do not have cars, and that light rail affords greater freedom to seniors, an expanding population, and people with disabilities who may be unable to drive.

It’s clear, too, that our investment in infrastructure creates jobs and helps stimulate the economy. Light-rail costs should be lower now, when people are in need of jobs, than costs will be five years from now. I will be pleased if light rail arrives in Vancouver.

Marylou Waterman