Letter: Clock is ticking for Mother Earth



We cannot continue to carelessly grow the economy at the expense of the environment. While we assume the potential for economic growth is limitless, the ability of the planet's natural biodiversity to absorb that growth is severely limited. In fact, the planet may already be at critical mass. Any further discussions about creating more jobs, more investment, and more production must include the potential for such growth directly causing irreparable damage.

Mother Earth has been sending us subtle messages for decades. As the only species capable of comprehending those messages, we are at the point where our inaction or selfish action will be catastrophic. We have been fouling the air, polluting the water and ruining the soil. The time has come when we must put the needs of the only "home" we have ahead of our own personal and national greed.

The clock is ticking on more than budget crises.

Bob Lutz