Letter: Traditional education a memory



It seems to me that at least some of the issues that are surfacing over the mandate for the state to provide a basic education could be resolved if there were a consensus as to what exactly constitutes a "basic" education. Back in the "ancient" days (when we didn't have nearly the problems we have today), it was up to parents to give their children a "head start" and teach them whatever they couldn't learn in a mere half day of kindergarten. Foreign languages weren't offered until after children learned the Three R's.

The rules actually allowed teachers to discipline unruly students (or the students were expelled from school), thus eliminating the need for extra staff and security officers to help maintain control. And as an aside, we were actually taught that there were right and wrong answers to math problems.

But alas, we have become far too sophisticated to revert to what worked for so many years. We would rather go in debt trying the latest brilliant ideas that fail by comparison to the tried-and-true methods of yore.

Dawn Klinski