Letter: Remember fallen protester



Ten years ago, on March 16, Rachel Corrie was killed in Rafah, Gaza. Corrie was a 23-year-old from Olympia and a graduate of The Evergreen State College. As part of the International Solidarity Movement, she was engaging in nonviolent action to protect one of 18,000 Palestinian homes Israel has destroyed. She was run over by a U.S.-built D9 Caterpillar, paid for by our taxes.

On this anniversary of Corrie's death, we mourn the loss of one of Washington's brightest and best.

We also yearn for peace in the Holy Land. But there will be no peace without justice. Many in Israel deplore the occupation, but the Israeli political powers continue their immoral practices, and the U.S. continues its mindless support of everything Israel does.

Wilbur Wood