Letter: Say no to La Center schools levy



Here they come again. La Center School District Superintendent Mark Mansell and others telling us we need improvements to the school sports complex. We just voted it down. How much does a revote cost us? They tell you it's a small cost, but the way things are going with this country and the economy, you will need this small amount to feed your family or buy gas to get to work to make ends meet.

You also will need these pennies to pay the new taxes proposed by and Sen. Patty Murray, D-Vancouver. Did anyone hear back from Sen. Maria Cantwell, D-Vancouver, on her investigation of why gas kept going up? Now you see why you need your extra pennies-- so you, as a person with responsibilities, can make do.

We have a ball field (quite a few) and bleacher seating and that's enough. Stand up like the good folks in Battle Ground Public Schools and say "no," as I hope they do again. Please say "no" to the La Center School District capital fund levy on April 23.

Mel "Skip" Pearson

La Center