Letter: Durbin appreciated and missed



I was saddened to hear of the passing of Kathie Durbin (“Former Columbian reporter dies,” March 16), one of the finest investigative reporters ever serving the Northwest. Durbin wrote two books on logging in the Northwest, worked for The Oregonian, and eventually for The Columbian.

When President Clinton hosted the Pacific Northwest Timber Summit, he read her research on the timber industry and the importance of old-growth forests.

How I miss her attention to detail and her ability to seek out the facts when environmental damage was being done in our area. Her stories on the plight of the East Fork Lewis River and the damage it has suffered through gravel mining, her tracking of the development issues during the comprehensive plan revision, and so many other issues that have affected the quality of life here were so appreciated by those of us who care about what we are leaving to our grandchildren.

May she and Tom Koenninger rest knowing that they are loved and remembered.

Valerie Alexander