Letter: Alternative schools motivate



When I was 15, I was attending a high school in Oregon. I had good grades, friends and admired most of my teachers. Then came a move, and everything changed. I absolutely loathed getting up in the morning, when I used to be eager to go to school. My last resort was to give Washougal’s alternative Excelsior High School a try. I noticed a tremendous difference in the class size, teachers and overall sense of accomplishment.

I was behind in credits when I first came here, and I am now on track for graduation. The staff at EHS is perhaps the most essential factor as to why I became more motivated, and I can’t thank them enough for that.

People need to see how helpful these schools are to students who don’t fit into the “traditional” high schools.

Alternative schools have the same standards as a regular high school, the only difference is how the teachers go about teaching the kids. In most cases, that aspect makes all the difference in the world.

Nicholas Caudill