Talking Points: Snow plus soccer equals worth watching



The blizzard conditions at Commerce City, Colo., on Friday upstaged the U.S. and Costa Rica match.

What’s the buzz from the world of sports? Here are some items that will have people talking:


Soccer finally figured out how to get interesting.

With March Madness taking up most of the American sports scene, a little soccer match started trending on Twitter on Friday. Not because of the match itself, but because the match was played in a snowstorm.

Technically, USA played Costa Rica. But we swear we saw the Jamaican bobsled team in the background. Also, the players were warned not to eat Yellow cards.

Talking Points also just learned that if the match had ended in a tie, there would have been a snowball fight to determine a winner.


Baltimore Ravens fans should be ticked at the Baltimore Orioles.

In a tradition started in 2002, the Super Bowl winner has opened the next season at home.

But there was a scheduling conflict. The Orioles are home on the day the NFL is to open its season. The two teams share a parking lot and do not play on the same day.

The O’s would not budge, so the NFL announced the Ravens will open the 2013 season on the road.

The NFL should have scheduled the Ravens at home anyway, and let the fans choose. We think football would have won this duel.

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