Talking Points: Weather dominates



What’s the buzz from the world of sports? Here are some items that will have people talking:


Has this been a weekend for weather at sports venues or what?

First we had a blizzard at the World Cup qualifier between United States vs. Costa Rica in Colorado.

Then came Sunday with snow in Kansas City, one of the NCAA Tournament sites (though play wasn’t affected), and a severe thunderstorm in Orlando causing the final round of the PGA Arnold Palmer Invitational to be delayed until this morning.

Here’s how bad it was at the golf event. Brian Wacker of wrote: “… torrential rain, thunder and lightning hammered the region. Lawn chairs lining the 18th hole were blown over, a TV tower behind the 10th green was knocked down and even a fish could be seen in a fairway.”


Formula One racing doesn’t have nearly the following in the United States as it does elsewhere on the planet and maybe that’s because its drivers are told when they can win.

At Sunday’s Malaysian Grand Prix, Sebastian Vettel was told not to pass teammate and race leader Mark Webber.

However, Vettel didn’t listen, passed Webber, and won.

Then Vettel had to apologize for winning?!?!?! Seriously.

You think a NASCAR driver would ever intentionally hold back to let someone else win … let alone apologize after the fact??


Everyone’s NCAA brackets are likely in shambles by now.

What? You actually picked Florida Gulf Coast for the Sweet 16?

Nice going.

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