Letter: C-Tran can become more efficient



In Salmon Creek, public transportation provided by C-Tran offers a great service, but there is room for improved efficiency.

Throughout the week, I see the C-Tran buses arrive and depart Washington State University Vancouver empty or sporadically occupied. These buses guzzle fuel and resources that are provided for the community.

I have seen more economical versions of public transportation, such as minivans. Although I was unable to locate the miles per gallon of the buses compared to the vans, I can only imagine that the latter are more efficient.

C-Tran fares rise to keep up with climbing costs to maintain the system, but there would be more efficient ways to optimize public transportation for those using it.

In addition to changing the type of vehicles used, I would encourage updated payment solutions, allowing fares to be paid electronically.

Before making any changes, there needs to be an evaluation of the number of riders and potential savings from switching vehicles and electronic payments not only in Salmon Creek, but Clark County as a whole.

Rachel L. Thompson