Letter: Education is key in health issues



As a student and a worker in Vancouver, I deal with all ages of the general public on a daily basis. The amount of people and youth that are overweight seems to be growing.

Instead of spending money on treating weight disorders after they have already become a concern, I think we, as a community, should put more money into educating everyone on how to prevent weight gain.

I know that most elementary schools have implemented programs to introduce young children to the idea of eating healthfully and being active, but I think that stops when children hit the middle school level.

In my high school, health wasn’t even required for more than a semester. Schools should make it mandatory to take a health class every semester to help better educate our youth.

If we are educating people instead of just treating them, I think the frequency of a patient coming back in to get treated with expensive medical tools declines.

When people learn how to take care of themselves and get exercise, it means fewer hospital visits and a healthier community.

Baylee Dunkel