Letter: Money and power go hand in hand



Has anyone noticed that Hugo Chavez, this “man of the people,” died with a reported net worth between $1 and $2 billion? Try doing that as president of the United States in a democracy like ours while serving the public.

By the way, his northern friends Fidel and Raul Castro, who provided Chavez his excellent Cuban health care, have combined fortunes reported to be $2 billion.

Imagine, the Venezuelan people have lost yearly an estimated $5 billion of oil revenue due to a Chavez redistribution of wealth to his family and friends. Maybe they turned out to his funeral to keep their hands in the spigot?

Try being a working-class citizen in a Third World country living under an iron fist. Which is better, the redistribution of wealth as is being professed here or creating a made-up socialist society as in Venezuela where a thug controls it all? I don’t believe either works.

It points to a stark reality. You get the government forced upon you or, smear your opponents so you have no real choices to pick from … either way it sounds the same.

Art Liss