Letter: Keep the bridge simple; no tolls



The existing Interstate 5 Bridge has only three lanes in each direction. Proposals by politicians on both sides of the river are for an overly expensive replacement bridge with still only three through lanes (plus two lanes connecting onramps and offramps), light rail and tolls.

People of Washington and Oregon have proposed plans for a more cost-effective bridge with up to six lanes in each direction and no light rail, with no tolls, to sustain traffic flow and commerce into the future. All have been turned down by the anti-car, pro-light-rail politicians. Why? Because politicians want to force the taxpayer out of his car and onto the choo-choo train. We must continue to propose more logical proposals for a new bridge and insist that one is implemented or we will continue to force this on the ballot and vote it down and also vote out the politicians who continue to fight the people’s (taxpayers’) will. Also we must insist there are no tolls on either bridge to fund this project. We already pay way too much tax when we purchase fuel that should fully fund this project.

Jeff Noyes