Letter: Modern messages are troubling



There are many advertisements from the 1930s to ’60s that we look at in disgust, with the sexist depiction of women being nothing more than a mindless housemaid and nanny.

As an undergraduate student, I have had several opportunities to critically analyze modern commercials or advertisements, in both print and electronic form. My question is, how far have we really come?

We may not be depicting women as kitchen appliances but rather sexualized objects for pleasure. It isn’t just women, as men are consistently being portrayed as aggressive and defiant. How is this definition of manliness and femininity driving our culture?

Each generation of youth is progressively more and more sexually driven than the last, and as I watch this shift take place, I wonder where the respect for the opposite sex went. What can be said about our society from what we display on TV, billboards, magazines, and music videos? What will the next generation be like after this one? It seems that we are creating generation after generation of individuals more selfish and sexualized than the last, and shamelessly displaying it for the world to see.

Laurel Wilson