Letter: Think about the future of bridges



The recent terrible wreck on the Interstate 205 Bridge should cause us all to pause and think about the future of transportation. I missed a flight to a business meeting, others were late to work, the economic health of our community suffered. And all this is not to minimize the direct pain of those involved in the accident.

I moved to this lovely community six years ago in part because Portland was built out. It is obvious that Clark County has space and will grow as Portland will grow. Sometimes it is hard to see growth occurring, but that morning it was in full display. Thousands of us stopped on freeways, feeders and city streets were looking right at how we have grown and at our transportation future. Building the proposed Columbia River Crossing will be expensive, controversial, threatening and inconvenient, but we have to do it. Our future was in our face that Monday; it was a stark and somber sight.

Dennis Spain