Vancouver light rail petition hearing delayed

Stricken signatures at heart of dispute




The fate of a Vancouver petition looking to put light rail to a citywide vote will have to wait a few more weeks.

A hearing on the matter, originally scheduled for Wednesday, has been pushed back to April 17 at the Hall of Justice in Kelso.

Lori Volkman, Clark County’s counsel on the case, confirmed the delay.

This will be the second time a judge has taken up the matter. Last month, Judge Stephen M. Warning said he needed more time to review the legislative history.

The law in question states that on municipal petitions, “signatures, including the original, of any person who has signed a petition two or more times shall be stricken.”

The matter went before the court after a group of 75 plaintiffs from Vancouver challenged the law as unconstitutional after officials struck 606 signatures from a petition that asks the city of Vancouver to place a vote on light-rail funding on the ballot.

The petition fell short by 32 names after the duplicated names were stricken from the ballot.