Authorities arrest suspects in porta-potty arsons




Police arrested two suspects in a series of arsons that destroyed five portable toilets in Camas earlier in the month.

Ryan Ruge, 19, and Chasen Sincavage, 18, both of Camas, were arrested by the Camas Police Department on Thursday after a weekslong investigation into the incinerated porta-potties.

The two were taken into custody after they attempted to collect a $10,000 reward from the Arson Alarm Foundation and the Washington Insurance Council by falsely implicating a juvenile male who was not involved with setting the fires, authorities said.

Ruge, Sincavage and a third suspect allegedly conceived of the story to cover their tracks.

Officials say the string of torched porta-potties began on March 5. In some cases, melted plastic was all that was left behind of the portable toilets.

The third suspect has not been arrested. Police are actively seeking him, said Sgt. Scot Boyles of the Camas Police Department.

Ruge and Sincavage were charged with second-degree arson and making false statements to the police. They are being housed at the Clark County Jail.