Letter: Vote yes for Battle Ground students



My students are the reason I teach. They inspire me daily to be a better person, to make a difference in their lives as much as they make a difference in mine.

Sometimes school is the only place that they feel completely normal, completely accepted. For them to continue feeling this way, they require the knowledge they will see the same faces in front of the classroom.

Some of you do not have kids or do not have kids who are still students in the district; you might feel it is not your responsibility to fund education for someone else’s children. But I ask you to consider that we are all truly responsible for each other in our communities, that we still live in a world in which we all take a look at the bigger picture and realize a few dollars more per month is not too much to pay for the future of our students and their peace of mind.

Please vote “yes” for the Battle Ground Public Schools levy.

Stephan Henry