Letter: Wealthy should have compassion



Who among us wouldn’t wish for a good education, enduring health and economic stability? Scientists tell us that in the first few years of life, our genes interact with our environment to embed the capacity for lifelong learning, productivity, and mental and physical health. To achieve this goal, we must come together to invest in all of the contributing factors.

Thanks to consumers, the number of wealthy individuals and the concentration of that wealth have grown by leaps and bounds.

Following President Obama’s State of the Union address, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates commented that the wealthy ought to pay more in taxes, stating “That’s just justice,” echoing a value I’ve heard him convey over the years.

The state Supreme Court has spoken through decisions on McCleary v. State of Washington and a simple majority to pass revenue legislation. Brave legislators can take a stand to represent by leading, possibly voting against popular opinion. A revenue plan that focuses on a capital gains tax on the wealthy will facilitate the sharing of prosperity, so we all can dream of education, health care, and economic and environmental stability.

I hope that the financially wealthy, many who’ve given generously, are also wealthy in compassion to advocate for such a revenue plan.

Kelly Cannard