Letter: Editorial missed the mark on guns



It appears that The Columbian’s editorial board has been taking advantage of Washington’s new marijuana law. The March 17 editorial, “Gun Bill Falls Short,” is indicative of this. The statement that this is a reasonable regulation is slanted, to say the least.

The requirement that all transfers would require a background check cannot be accomplished without “firearms registration.” This has nearly always resulted in confiscation and disarming of the citizens. Repressive governments usually start out with government approval for firearms ownership. Does anybody today remember Germany of the 1930s? Ask six million Jews and Slavs how effective firearms registration is.

I have seen little to affirm that the majority of citizens support universal registration. Perhaps in the cities. I do not recollect anybody asking me of my opinion.

Transfers between family members or by inheritance would be much more difficult and costly. Where is the cost/benefit study of the proposed law?

Knee-jerk reactions and “feel good” legislation seldom solve problems. They only add complexity and cost to our lives and power to the government.

Curtis Skaar