Letter: Tax dollars well spent



I would like to thank the Vancouver Public Works staff for its prompt action to repair a curb in our neighborhood.

A vehicle had cut the corner too short and damaged a concrete slab with a manhole covering a storm sewer drain at the corner of Southeast Baypoint Drive and 160th in the Fairway Village community. The slab was broken and raised three inches above the sidewalk, creating a potential hazard for our neighborhood walkers.

Within a half hour of a phone call on March 13 notifying the public works department, a crew had placed a “sandwich board” hazard sign over the manhole.

First thing the next morning, a crew was on site and installed a new slab and manhole.

These days public employees are often the target of critics (including The Columbian’s editor), who seem to imply that these workers get a lot more than they’re worth. I, for one, would like to thank these employees for their prompt and efficient response. This is an example of where I can say my tax dollars were well spent.

David Olson