Letter: Battle Ground is worth fighting for



My husband and I bought a home in Battle Ground 13 years ago while expecting our first child. We loved the small-town feel, the beauty, the people, and heard good things about the schools.

I went to 17 different schools and never had a place I called home, so raising my children in a town that values education and community was important to us.

I am fighting to help get this April 23 levy passed because I have awakened to the reality that I have to be involved and proactive. I cannot assume that other people are going to take care of my community.

I will fight to make it a place that ensures every member has the best opportunities for success and that Battle Ground remains a city we can be proud of by knowing our children come first.

I don't want to move my family because of an underfunded school district, but that is what I will have to do if our schools cannot provide the education our children deserve and I know many families will do the same.

Please remember to vote "yes" before April 23.

Morgana Ricardo