Letter: CRC “facts” were skewed



I don’t have a strong opinion regarding the Columbia River Crossing and light rail. I mostly read with amusement the back-and-forth arguing over the project.

But as a casual observer, I was amazed at state Sen. Annette Cleveland’s March 17 op-ed “Separating CRC fact from fiction.” When I read her “Facts” regarding Myth No. 3 (To qualify for federal funds, the new bridge doesn’t need light rail; bus rapid-transit lanes suffice), there was so much smoke, it made my eyes water.

It would appear that bus rapid-transit lanes would indeed suffice for federal funds. It is a self-inflicted “crisis of timing” that jeopardizes the funding.

Cleveland should not scream facts if she’s just going to blow smoke.

Now I understand the frustration of the CRC opponents.

Don Gribling