Letter: Third bridge is the solution



I wonder if anyone from the Columbia River Crossing group was on Interstate 205 on March 18 when, due to a vehicle accident on the Glenn Jackson Bridge, all traffic was tied up and people were stuck in vehicles for hours. This closure clearly amplified the urgent need for a third CRC bridge. Our state Legislature should stop the proposed CRC work, transferring all thoughts and all funds to construct a third bridge.

According to a recent news story, there is a traffic bottleneck problem at the Interstate 84 connection with Interstate 5 at the Rose Quarter.

There are only two other Columbia River crossings within 40 miles: the Bridge of the Gods to the east, and the Longview bridge to the northwest.

Light rail here is very poorly planned. In Chicago, rail commuters have park-and-ride areas along many rail commuter corridors. Rails, once in place, cannot be relocated. Light rail dead-ending at Clark College does not provide service to other residents to the east, north or west of Vancouver, and very little, if any, to all of Clark County.

A third bridge would eliminate years of construction delays on I-5.

Utilize bridge funds where badly needed.

Frank H. Funk