Letter: ‘No’ on immigration proposal



The “Gang of 8” in the U.S. Senate has completed the draft of the so-called immigration reform bill.

NumbersUSA, an advocacy organization that supports stricter immigration policies, has determined that under the bill, 33 million permanent work permits would be granted to foreign nationals in just the first 10 years. Including dependents, the population growth triggered by this policy would be even higher.

A couple of questions these senators ought to be confronted with:

1) Where are you going to find jobs for 33 million more workers over the next 10 years, especially when unemployment is already unacceptably high?

2) Do you have any idea what the impact is of this massive expansion of the U.S. population in coming decades?

Judging by their past voting records, Sens. Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell can be expected to vote in favor of this bill. I encourage the public to call their offices and tell them “no.”

Lance B. Sjogren