Letter: Focus on the simple pleasantries



Everyone wants the same things in life: to be happy and successful.

There are millions of self-help books published on the pursuit of happiness or how to make the most money and guarantee a safe and prosperous life for you and your children.

But the fact is, there are many simple things you can do to achieve this. Think positively. Be kind to one another. Relax. Hug someone you love. Look at life through another person’s eyes. Laugh. Smile. Studies show that relaxing your face when you are stressed can raise your mood and help you control your emotions. Go for a walk. Create a memory jar to put a note in of a happy memory from that day. This allows you to think positively and end the day with a good thought.

You can have a happy life with less stress by doing little, simple things.

Ieva Braciulyte