Letter: Plenty of cockroaches



In John Laird’s April 7, “We should all live as long as the Third Bridge Cockroach,” he surrenders to the critter at the very outset stating it “refuses to die” and closes with “never goes away.” I was left asking, is that all? When one finds a cockroach, there are always more waiting in the shadows. The Columbia River Crossing project is crawling with cockroaches!

The most entrenched and insidious CRC cockroach of them all — the Out-of-State Cockroach — has been in the shadows for generations! This critter makes its home at the Columbia River Economic Development Council, Identity Clark County and the Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce where we entrust Southwest Washington’s economic development.

Were these organizations adept at landing and retaining significant capital investment as well as a highly qualified resident workforce, there’d be fewer Washington and Oregon commuters crossing the Interstate 5 Bridge.

Then consider the offspring of the Out-of-State Cockroach: light rail, a commuter pipeline that by its very nature will draw precious lifeblood from our economy. We don’t need light rail, we can’t afford it and it will bring negative change to our community. Oh yes, there are more cockroaches, but they run from the daylight of inquiry and they’re never going away.

Bruce R. Randall