Talking Points: No answers from WHL



What’s the buzz from the world of sports? Here are some items that will have people talking:


During a press conference prior to Game 1 of the WHL finals on Friday, Western Hockey League commissioner Ron Robison said nothing to shed light on why the Portland Winterhawks were hit with the most severe sanctions in league history. Not surprising. But disappointing.

In his first interaction with Portland-area media since the Winterhawks in November were slapped with sanctions that included the season-long suspension of general manager and head coach Mike Johnston, Robison repeatedly stated that the rules broken were internal league documents not to be made public.

Our response: Shame on the Western Hockey League.

Perhaps the Winterhawks’ cheating was significant enough to warrant severe penalties. But by keeping secret the specific rules broken, we are left to wonder if the rules were changed on the fly.

What would the commissioner tell Winterhawks’ fans in the dark about why their team was hammered by the league?

“I would be upset as well,” Robison said. “But I think at this point we really should be celebrating a tremendous season.”


Remember when Mom threw away your baseball cards because you kept forgetting to go home and clean up your old room? Well, maybe you should sue Mom.

According to reports, that’s what Kobe Bryant is doing in an attempt to halt an auction of his old stuff. Goldin Auctions, which agreed to pay Kobe’s mother $450,000 for memorabilia of Kobe’s past, plans to auction the stuff next month.

Reports indicate Pamela Bryant wants to buy a new house. Kobe, meanwhile, doesn’t want to let go of his past.

Can’t blame him. Then again, why can’t Pamela just ask Kobe for the money? We’re guessing he could afford it.

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