Letter: Education funding is crucial



In response to the April 24 Columbian story “Battle Ground voters pass school levy,” congratulations to voters in the district. Students need to be prepared and as well-equipped as possible.

I am a product of the Ridgefield public school system and Clark College, and will soon graduate with a bachelor of science from Washington State University. It has been a long and challenging road. All too often my educational experiences have been trivialized and diminished due to out-of-date equipment, limited funds and cutbacks.

Recently I competed with four other engineering students in an international aerospace design competition. My small team did an excellent job designing, testing, and competing with our plane. We placed 12th of 29 teams in our class. Looking back, a large portion of the team’s time was spent neither designing nor building, but raising money.

At the competition, 27 of the 75 competing teams represented the United States. Those 27 teams took home three of the 19 awards.

Without proper funding, students can miss out on important learning and educational experiences.

What if the wind-tunnel lab was cut from engineering school due to funding shortfalls? Would you ride in a plane that had never been test-flown?

Zachary Hayes