Letter: Single-payer, not profitization



Every week I eagerly anticipate Thomas Sowell’s latest exercise in illogic. His attack on Obamacare recently nudged a new nadir (“Today’s politicians specialize in art of the impossible,” April 30). His migraine-inducing fifth paragraph starts with the hidden assumption that today’s medical care is not bureaucratic (layers of paper-pushing occur only when government gets involved, wink, wink) then moves on to the fact that doctors themselves fill out all those forms. Yeah, right.

Actually, Obamacare has little to do with health care; it’s an insurance program designed by the health care lobby to line their own pockets. Read Time magazine (“Why medical bills are killing us,” by Steven Brill, March 4, 2013) to get real facts. Try not to let your head explode. Then Google “health care America bureaucracy” and click on any link — guaranteed to cause gnashing and wailing.

Brill is the real deal. Sowell has only his reprehensible rhetoric. We all need single-payer, not profitization abetted by cronyism.

Larry Johnson