Letter: Madore and Mielke: Two for the road



In my 30-plus years with Clark County as county clerk, District Court executive/commissioner, and Superior Court clerk administrator, I had the pleasure of working with some great Republicans, such as Dick Granger, Ned Smith, Mark Boldt, and Greg Kimsey to mention a few. These gentlemen were honest, straightforward and without guile.

Now we have a train wreck waiting to happen with David Madore at the switch and his little caboose, Tom Mielke, following close behind. The latest disaster with Sen. Benton's appointment only points out their callous disregard for due process, due diligence and due respect.

Madore destroyed a great working relationship with the Columbia River Economic Development Council, and will attempt to stop the bridge project to the detriment of the citizens of Clark County. I have only one word left for these two disappointments: Recall!

George J. Miller