Health officials urge reports of substandard care



State health officials are asking for public assistance to prevent substandard care.

The Washington State Department of Health wants to make sure the public knows how to file complaints about a provider or facility, should they receive substandard care.

“We want and need to hear from the public if a provider or facility isn’t meeting standards,” state Secretary of Health John Wiesman said. “Our focus is ensuring safe, competent care for all patients. If there’s an issue, we want to know about it so we can prevent more problems from happening.”

Reports can be filed at Washington State Department of Health or by calling 360-236-4700.

Anyone who knows about an incident or event that involves substandard care or unprofessional conduct at a health care facility or by a health care professional may file a complaint. If a person is unsure of whether to file a complaint, he or she can call 360-236-4700 and speak to a customer care specialist.

As with most states, disciplinary action against health professionals in Washington is complaint-driven. The state department reviews nearly 9,000 complaints and inspects thousands of facilities yearly.